Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Perfect Vampire Part 1

Hello children,

So, last night, I was watching 'Vampire Academy' (I'm now reading them, and I loved the other series), with some friends, and it got me thinking.

What is the perfect vampire?
There are four main types of vampire in modern literature:
1.  The Twilight vampire

There has been a considerable boost in the vampire book/film industry since the release of this. Many modern vampires follow the original Edward precept of:
- Good looking (with hair that took hours. We know your secrets)
-Good guys=no people eating
-Bad guys= I like A- best
-Ridiculously rich
-Crazily clever

 2. The Dracula vampire

Basically Snape, but they drink blood.
-Greasy hair

 3. The hot spy vampire

The do-gooder, often implicated in some kind of CIA operation
-Very hot
-Good with a gun
-Drinks blood from blood banks
-Very hot

 4. The vampire-with-implications

Portrayed by Adrian Ivashkov in Bloodlines/Vampire Academy
-Dangerously good looking
-If a spirit user, will have bipolar, depression and alcoholism
- Will have some kind of magic
-Governed by some kind of family
-A good side and bad side
-Takes blood from humans, doesn't kill (unless bad)

And there you have it! Next week will be the part 2, so all is well on that.
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