Hi all,
So my policies are:
Different people like different books, so some of the books I like (or don't like) may or may not be your type! The opinions I give are mine and mine only. 

(Publishers see note below) You can comment, but if you want to get in touch about guest posting etc, see the contact page.

Publishers/Authors/Book tour co-ordinators 
Please contact me before sending any books!

They are generally mine unless I have noted! If you do use them, then please say that this is where you have taken them from. If this doesn't happen, then I will watermark them and you may have a massive bit of writing on your lovely image! I am not a professional photographer!

It's mine. If you use it (without permission or references) , I pursue legal action. It's simple. Any essays, contact me. I like to keep a record of stuff.
 I love comments, but please don't use my name. I am e-safety conscious and like my privacy! I will remove any offensive/inappropriate comments.

Guest posts
If you believe that what you want to post is appropriate then see the contact page.

Borrowing ideas
For example, bookish craft! Please say this is where you got the idea from!

Thank you!
The Book Fridge xxx

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